The Malvern Hills

So this weekend I went to see a good friend of mine and his missus in Worcester (UK).  He promised me that we could go for a walk across the Malvern hills, a small ridgeline of hills in the midlands of the England – more information on the Malverns – This had me excited as I knew the view point from there can be spectacular and it would give me a opportunity to photograph some other landscapes other than the South Downs, plus get some hiking in!

When we got there though I was not so impressed.  This was not because of the view as I couldn’t see it due fog so thick you couldn’t see more than 10m!  Still my friend assured me it would blow over, so off we set to the top of the hill to have a cup of tea and sandwich while we waited.

He was right and once it cleared there was some nice “holiday snap” style blue skies, but it was when the sun was setting that things got interesting.

Now I already know these images could have come out better, I needed some ND grads, but I didn’t know this at the time, so although not my best efforts I did learn something!!!  In the absence of the grad filters I opted for some HDR or B&W shots.

Here’s what I got (also keep scrolling for some shot of Worcester Chathedel as well).


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