Cokin P Series

UPDATE : Cokin ND filters seem to have a pink colour cast to them –

Cokin P Series holder and adapter

P Series Filter Holder

I use the Cokin P series filter system with my Canon 450D, which consists of a holder attached to a adaptor ring mounted on to the lens filter thread.

Some of the advantage of the Cokin P series over the standard screw mounted filters are (as I see it);

  • Holder can be swapped to different lenses without removing the filters
  • Filters can be swapped without having with ease
  • When using graduated filters you have the option to change the filter transition point.

The Filters

Below is a list of the filters I have;P Series Filters


  • Neutral Gradual Grey G2 Light (ND2) – 1 stop – x2
  • Neutral Gradual Grey G2 Medium (ND4)  – 2 stop
  • Neutral Gradual Grey G2 Full (ND8) – 3 stop

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