Sunny F/16 Rule

One of the reasons I got into photography and started to take it more seriously is that I love hiking and I wanted a way to show other people and record the amazing sights I see on my travels.

A friend of mine introduced to me a handy rule to help me get more “keepers”.  Its called the Sunny 16 Rule or somethimes just the f/16 rule. It bascially is a quick way to work out settings under sunny conditions, and it goes like this…

Set your apature to f/16 with a shutter speed of 1/ISO setting (or as close as your camera settings will get).

ISO = 100 – Shutter = 1/125
ISO = 200 – Shutter = 1/250
ISO = 400 – Shutter = 1/500

That’s it! Simple as that and you should get some decsent exposures without having to resort to a light meter!


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